A&J Finance meets the critical capital needs of New York State's innovation economy by providing funding to high-growth startups as they move from concept to commercialization, through early growth and expansion. Managing innovation investment funds, providing equity investment capital to early-stage technology-based businesses through direct investments and fund-of-funds.

We primarily target strategic industries such as information technology, life sciences and clean energy, as well as technologies important to advanced manufacturing. We actively look to fill funding gaps.

A&J Finance values capital-efficient business models, proper corporate governance, experienced and diverse management teams, and business plans structured to attract the next level of capital investment at an increased valuation. 


Create an attractive, consistent income stream by investing primarily in cash-flowing real estate.


We invest primarily in assets that generate predictable returns from the moment we make the investment. This could mean lending to the developer of a new property, or buying an existing building with tenants in place.

To maintain and grow a high-income stream, we prefer to invest in a business plan that improves the value of the property. Investors can more predictably capture above-market returns by increasing the value of a building.

With our growth strategy,  when the property is sold, investors in an income strategy can look forward to earning consistent distributions over time as we collect rent or interest payments.


ATMGo Mission and Benefits.


Our business model can be scaled to fit an individual’s specific situation allowing owners to grow at the pace which suits them. Franchisees can join for different reasons and from various backgrounds.

Some join us after retiring from a lengthy career, while others are fresh out of college and eager to make additional income. Many are looking to compliment their existing income and others are looking to replace their current income.

If you are looking for a part time franchise that can lead to financial independence with strong long-term residual income and without the complexity of employees or the demanding schedule of a retail operation, ATM Go is the home-based franchise for you. 


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A&J Finance is dedicated to aiding entreprenuers, building investment property and generation passive income. We aim to achieve these goals through technology and innovation.

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