Your ATM is an investment, an investment in your success and in your future. It’s also an investment that you can build upon, amping up the power of your ATM and delivering an even stronger punch to your business. ATM Network provides a range of value enhancing extra products and services to maximize your program today.

ATM machines offer customers a convenient and quick way to withdraw cash. Most customers would highly prefer not to walk out of the store to access an ATM machine, but one present at the store they are in. You should install an ATM at your business if you have not already. It can help you generate more revenue and increase foot traffic in your store. Before you decide to install an ATM, here are some pros and cons to consider:



One of the primary reasons business owners install an ATM at their store is to obtain an additional source of income. Business owners earn revenue in the form of a surcharge amount or a convenience fee, which is an amount charged to the customer’s bank card each time they make a transaction using your ATM.


Business owners also receive more exposure amongst people. The increased visibility due to an ATM increases foot traffic in their store. People wanting to withdraw money visit their store and store their store’s name in their memory in case they ever want to visit again or refer it to someone else looking for an ATM machine.

Genmega Onyx Shell


With an up-to-date look and a feature set sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology for any market.




With all of the cassette options, and a presenter option, the Onyx is a flexible solution to meet a locations needs. The Onyx supports all Genmega CDUs and other manufacturer as well, giving a wide variety of dispenser options to tailor the solution to the location.


Genmega Onyx W Machine


The Genmega Onyx W ATM can be installed securely as a Wall Mount or Counter Top ATM.




Featuring a high resolution 10.1″ LED screen and light-up touch function keys along with a 2″ printer, 1,000 note removable cassette, electronic lock (S&G and Cencon options available), EMV card reader, and integrated topper, this machine is a great solution where space is a concern.

NH2700 CE 2K Machine


The NH-2700CE features a new dynamic user interface, a heavy load of high-security features, and extensive advertising and graphics support making this one of the most advanced ATM machines on the market.




The modern and elegant design of the NH-2700CE Series is like no other ATM machine before its time. In a powerful blend of technology and design, the NH-2700CE will enhance even the most upscale locations.


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